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Jahed asked 2 years ago

Dear Sir/Madam,
My client had received a show cause notice for Suo Moto Cancellation on 28/01/2020 since his returns was not filed on time, and was asked to submit clarification by 05/02/2020 and also to appear before the officer.
We did not file any clarification since we knew why the notice had come and then we filed all the pending returns which were due till date.
Now we want to apply for cancellation of Registration as on 31/03/2020 due to closure of business, but are unable to do it, since the system gives an Error message as follows:-
A cancellation of registration proceeding has been initiated by your Tax official for your registration vide GSTIN 27AJIPG1288K1ZX. You cannot file Application for Cancellation (Form GST REG-16) in such a scenario. Please respond to the notice issued for the same, if not done already.
Now the due date to reply has already passed and we cannot reply as well, please advice what should be done in this case in order to apply for cancellation of Registration.