QuestionsCategory: QuestionsGST rate Applicability on online service of Documents printing
Parul asked 2 years ago

I follow your video on YouTube which so helpful for me for filing the GST return . Fintax  information also getting from your video . Please help me for GST return decision for my new client i.e.  
One of our client giving the online service for document printing . They taken the order for notes , books, certificate , Brochures from his client by the online portal .Only order taken by him than they give the printing work to another registered unit which doing printing work with  all material (Paper, ink,  etc) and complete the order . The job worker given bill to my client  and charged the 12% GST  which booked as a input by client . 
My client filed in 17-18 to 19-20 these order as a Exempt  sales (for books only ) and surrender the ITC as Rule 42 and 43 of the CGST rules  as his last consultant.
Now the question which tax rate applicability on my client for books printing order  – 18% ,12% or (4901 rate NIL ) .Please suggest to me so that we can proceed in this FY correctly . 
Kindly do the needful on priority basis  .